A colorful sketch by MidJourney v5

Generating Images

MidJourney is the favorite tool for serious digital artists. Dall-E and Firefly have ready audiences. Dozens more use APIs to various language models. Here are a few from MidJourney using ideas and prompts based on amazing works shared on twitter by @nickfloats and @icreatelife.

Up, up, and away! Balloonists would never fly over residential areas. Six fingers on the hand. Hallucinating.
Four-part photo shows1990s glamor photos, medium close-ups, from above photo
Beautiful or plain. Rugged or just your type. Shoot from above or below, any location, describe the clothing.
Photorealism is not a requirement. Illustrations can exclude, say, power lines.
Abe as a toy soldier?
Lakeside restaurants.
Ready for the day.
Obvious cases for AI assistance.
Some photos taken weeks before she headed upstate to Woodstock