If the spoken words from all shows ever broadcast on the big three networks were transcribed to text, the resulting LLM would have 75 years of history from which to learn about ourselves.

A colorful sketch by MidJourney v5
Generating Images
1 min read

MidJourney is the favorite tool for serious digital artists. Dall-E and Firefly have ready audiences. Dozens more use APIs to various language models. Here are a few from MidJourney using…

Four-part photo shows1990s glamor photos, medium close-ups, from above photo
Generative AI Beyond Bad Hands
2 min read

“Hahaha,” he laughed. “They can’t even get the hands right.” As with many early experiences with software, there are rough edges. Probably the granularity needed fine-tuning and a new flux…

Generative text
Generative text
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The imaginative approaches to task making is leading to very detailed output for very focused and repeatable activity. INTENSE instruction is needed to deliver multiple lone documents. Let’s build a…

details of the close kind
Important Papers on LLMs and GPTs
7 min read

Large language models, or LLMs, have varying levels of training and parameters. LLMs contain hundreds of millions or billions of documents and words that have been said over time. Few…