Four-part photo shows1990s glamor photos, medium close-ups, from above photo

Generative AI Beyond Bad Hands

“Hahaha,” he laughed. “They can’t even get the hands right.”

As with many early experiences with software, there are rough edges. Probably the granularity needed fine-tuning and a new flux capacitor.

Generative Text

How many hours of experience makes one an expert in the topic? Whatever the number was in the past, it is much less today. Seemingly simple results from simple requests. Consider the result for this prompt: Please create a table of popular tourist lakes in the midwest.

Further queries (conversations, chats) are useful for comparing local attractions and current information.

Generative images

Just like any artist in their medium, digital artists are served by knowing their tools. Well-formed prompts, a good engine, and an eye for details return amazing results. Or, a simple prompt can return surprising results. Here is Jack Nicholson as The Tin Man.

Mid journey: Jack Nic
Mid Journey v5: Jack Nicholson as The Tin Man

Audio, video, and authentication

Various technical approaches have been proposed and implemented to create audio and video with uncanny accuracy. The recent NCAA rulings on name, image, and likeness (NIL) funding for athletes is insufficient to protect rights in forthcoming generators. The problem is compounded in entertainment and politics.