Generative text

The imaginative approaches to task making is leading to very detailed output for very focused and repeatable activity. INTENSE instruction is needed to deliver multiple lone documents.

Let’s build a prompt to reveal a classic car. Like any worthy reveal at this point in the 21st century, lots of work must be done in the background. ‘Classic car’ is purposefully vague. No color was suggested. No manufacturer was mentioned. The date of the car’s build is not noted. The country of origin is not noted. The condition of the car is not requested.

Classic car revealed

Let’s add those descriptors, and a few more:

Create an image of a classic car
with scroll text
on a light background.
The car should look show worthy,
with intricate pinstriping
on its fender.
The background
should be dark,
with faint hints of other classic cars,
giving the impression of a car show or 1950s drive-in.
The overall effect should be one of
family fun.

classic car