Sales Channels

Not that long ago, sales channels barely included the internet. Now, it is a leading sales channel for even the grocery industry.

Mobile-first is a decision about marketing and advertising platforms. Newspaper inserts used to be popular. Physical mail with a reply link and email with a reply link both provided a next era. Recently, mobile applications for some industries are expected. Mobile browser-based access is an indicator that informs folks who are seeking factual data of the usage patterns.

Mobile application (Android and iOS)
Physical location
Event (Pop-up, temporary, virtual or physical)
Distribution network

Each of these channels have pros and cons – pluses and minuses – that vary based on product, niche, founder circumstances, and goals.

Yet another application is difficult for many consumers to justify. A national or regional leader in general knowledge and goods are far more likely to gain coveted icon space in a shopping folder on a home screen than is an unknown smaller provider. This far into the 21st century, it is clear that the vast majority of visits and transactions occur on tablets and phones. Desktop devices trail in activity for most industries when assessing visits and transactions.

Paying others via affiliate relationships for linking qualified prospects to a landing page is seldom a tactic used by young companies.