two teens

Two Teens and Identity

Large language models have location parameters. The following images were generated by Midjourney in June 2023 in the US. They show clear and reasonable identity cues for the named locations. What wasn’t suggested via text was gender or race or another human attribute. No mention of season or weather was necessary to the original prompt of two teens in xyz.

It’s a simple prompt. There are no precise camera body or lens requirements. Lighting, clothing, style, and specific location are not mentioned. It is normal to expect variations among requests to a large language model. This had been trained over many years with billions of pieces of information. Pictures, posters, flyers, blogs, posts, PDFs, and detritus must have had references to local activities by age. What does ‘hanging out’ mean around the country? The world?

Why are some teens shown as female, black, Asian, male couples, and dressed for cold weather? If we knew all of the sources used for the language model, we might understand in a few years. Folks who ask such questions would be overwhelmed with the feedstocks. A big picture capability is clearly needed at the foundational language model level.


This was the only state tried. What was the training data that said a person by a car is acceptable for two teens in Tennessee?

two teens in Tennessee as imagined by Midjourney


Are there males in Atlanta?

two teens in Atlanta

Kansas City

KC folks will immediately not recognize their peeps. Or, as the mirror says, “This is who you are.”

two teens in Kansas City as imagined by Midjourney


Why is couple #2 rendered like this? I expected more POC. Maybe a FedEx or river reference.

two teens in Memphis as imagined by Midjourney


Are these teens representative of the rapid growth in the region since 2000?

two teens in Phoenix as imagined by Midjourney


The narrower the location, the more accurate the characters.

two teens in Queens as imagined by Midjourney

Salt Lake City

The technology and healthcare industries love SLC. There’s more than Mormons in Utah.

two teens in Salt Lake City as imagined by Midjourney

Washington, DC

The representation of two teens in the nation’s capitol tries to use landmarks as an element of the image. The tony sense of Georgetown is captured. The reality of 10th St NW is missing.

two teens in Washington, DC imagined by Midjourney

How are teens imagined around the world? Here is a sampling.


This is disappointing. The Bauhaus movement and unique eyeglasses are no longer the identifying marks of Berlin.

two teens in Bellin


The kids weren’t rabid about the West. Indoctrination takes many forms.

two teens in Kahl


Life and love and war. “We have each other.”

two teens is Kvyn


Growing up in a city of millions of people is similar worldwide.

two teens in Lagos


These teens know their way around the Tube. Modern London is more culturally rich than shown.

two teens in London


Norwegian teens are now defined by their shopping sensibilities and not the days of yore.

two teens in Oslo


Teens are not yet immersed in the business side of life.

two teens in Tokyo

Final Thoughts

The two teens exploration was useful in confirming that named locations are considered. Altering the prompt to get older folks would be a fun exercise. While not shown, a ‘two employees at ‘ series was enjoyable, too. Walmart, McDonald’s, the government, and PwC were included, to name a few.