Billions of documents, flyers, blogs, PDFs, and imagery were the basis of foundational language models. Building on those LLMs, solutions previously provided by humans will be discovered.

Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor Recreation
3 min read

There are numerous outdoor recreational activities that people can enjoy at a lake. Some popular ones include: Swimming: Lakes provide an ideal setting for swimming, especially during the summer months.…

two teens
Two Teens and Identity
3 min read

Large language models have location parameters. The following images were generated by Midjourney in June 2023 in the US. They show clear and reasonable identity cues for the named locations.…

Surveyors at a construction site
What Effect Will AI Have on Construction?
3 min read

Modern AI technology has a range of applications in the construction industry, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity. Here are some top uses of AI in construction: #image_title Predictive Analytics: AI…

tiny zebra
What happened to Big Data?
2 min read

Remember? A few years ago, BIg Data was a big deal. Lots of folks offered courses and suggested riches would be theirs if they only learned the difference between SQL…